SLOW design by toetiee: making things slowly & surely since 2018
//Softer, Better, Slower, Stronger// 

What I do
Painting (Analog & Digital)
Graphic & Logo Design (for small businesses ONLY)
Risograph Printing at RISOGURA ︎︎︎︎

How I work
Remote work from my home. I work on 1 project for 3-4hrs/day.

Examples of my work can be seen here ︎︎︎︎︎
toetiee is an artist and designer who loves making art SLOWLY in Japan.

She has done work as a designer and conceptual art director for advertising and design studios in New York, Tokyo, and Amsterdam as the world is her playground.

It all changed from 2018, after having constant dizziness condition called PPPD (a common chronic dysfunction of the vestibular system and brain that produces persistent dizziness, non-spinning vertigo and/or unsteadiness).

It does limit her time and ability to work as a regular designer, but it doesn’t stop her from making art. She now works when she is able in a most cautious and determined manner, shifting her focus on the awesomeness of everyday life.

For comissions, projects or collaboration ︎︎︎

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